Frequently Asked Questions

Does the O-Shot treat Urinary Incontinence?

Yes, many women have reported significant improvement and, in some cases, total resolution of stress and urge incontinence. Strengthening the pelvic floor musculature in conjunction with the O-Shot, especially when using the INTENSITY vaginal device protocol, can be highly effective.

Does the O-Shot hurt?

Most women find the procedure quite comfortable, often describing it as a mild pinch. The area is numbed before the procedure, and this numbing sensation can last for 30-60 minutes afterward.

Are there any side effects or downtime?

Typically, there are no significant side effects or downtime. Minor bleeding from the injection site may occur. Everyday activities, including work, exercise, and sexual activity, can usually be resumed on the same day.

How many O-Shots can I have?

There is no limit to the number of O-Shots a woman can safely receive. However, an evaluation by a physician skilled in PRP use is necessary to assess the potential risks and benefits.

How much does the O-Shot cost?

The cost of the O-Shot can vary, generally ranging between $1,500 and $2,000. The final cost depends on specific procedural details and individual needs, which can be determined during a consultation. Often, the O-Shot can be administered during the same visit as the consultation.

How long does it take to receive an O-Shot?

The entire O-Shot procedure usually takes less than an hour. This includes patient preparation, blood processing in a centrifuge to extract growth factors, and the injection. The procedure utilizes advanced technology to enhance sensation in the vaginal area.

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